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Was going to Chick-fil-A It was busy so I tried Fun burger Been going there ever since Good food nice service ... read more
Pietro Capra via - Jan 13, 2021
While on a driving adventure to ...
While on a driving adventure to see some of the holiday lights while there's still time, we stopped at FunBurger.  I rarely eat beef - maybe once every 4 to 6 weeks, but I had a craving for a true beef burger.  For future reference, noted that they also have turkey, chicken, veggie, and shrimp options.

They also advertise a nu
... read more
Lianne K. via - Dec 30, 2020
So far I've gone 4x and the salads are amazing! A little too much olives but you can opt out for no olives. Greek salad is current favorite! Honestly one of the best salads I've had. Thank you!
Elsa Ramirez via - Dec 20, 2020
Great burgers! The veggie burger is amazing! Did I mention they have beer? Delicious food every time I go and friendly service!
Rafael Menjivar via - Dec 5, 2020
Reasonable food and price, I'll go back ... read more
Rodney Volkmar via - Dec 4, 2020
Excellent service nd food ... read more
Jose Robles via - Nov 11, 2020
Great bbq salad! Support local!
delia vela via - Nov 9, 2020
Found this little gem while we ...
Found this little gem while we were getting gas an starving. Who would've known this place was so good!
Their fries are cooked to perfection and I love that you can make your burger your own by picking your type of bun. They have a kids menu that's a good size for the little ones !
Priscilla H. via - Oct 11, 2020
Pure deliciousness. Love this burgers ...
Pure deliciousness. Love this burgers. One of the best burgers I've ever had. Thick and juicy meat patties. The fries are yummy too ... read more
Sara A. via - Sep 29, 2020
Wow, really good. I am really impressed that they made my burger exactly how I ordered it. I asked for a medium cook on my hamburger and I got it! French fries are really good too. Really good!
Reece Pfannenstiel via - Sep 9, 2020
All three of us were delighted ...
All three of us were delighted with our meal. Hubby had a double, my mom had the original, and I had a chicken on sourdough. The onion rings were plentiful and yummy. We split an order of mushroom fries and though they were a bit salty, there weren't any left! Hubby and mom both had their ice cream shakes and were quite satisfied. We ... read more
Cindy L. via - Aug 22, 2020
FunBurger is an overlooked gem! ...
FunBurger is an overlooked gem! Their #1 FunBurger is huge, on a wonderfully fresh Ciabatta roll, with leaf lettuce, tomato and red onion, plus the Fun Sauce. It's almost more than a body can hold. The onion rings are crisp and delicious; the sweet potato fries nicely prepared, soft and tasty.
Many other choices including chicken,
... read more
Gary S. via - Aug 16, 2020
Finally truth in advertising. I ordered the grilled and fried chicken sandwiches. Both sandwiches look exactly like they were advertised on the menu. Both sandwiches tasted absolutely delicious!!! If you want food that not only looks good , but tastes great, you have got to come here.
Kevin Olive via - Aug 9, 2020
This used to be called Hook Burger, but they changed it to Funburger. Their menu selection of burgers, salads, shakes and other drinks is still the same. I ordered online their burger, substituted a turkey patty instead of meat, and an order of cauliflower fries. Pick up for this after ordering was 25 min, so a bit long, but not im ... read more
Jasmine Johnson via - Aug 9, 2020
Wow...great hamburgers,  chicken ...
Wow...great hamburgers,  chicken sandwiches,  and salads.   Now here is the kicker, the food looks EXACTLY like it does on the menu.  The burgers and chicken sandwiches are crafted with care using fresh ingredients.   This is my new go to burger place!!
Kevin O. via - Jul 25, 2020
Omg! So good! I went because my ...
Omg! So good! I went because my friend recommended it to me for their salads. I ordered on their website for pick up and they have a discount promo code. I ended up getting the Chipotle chicken burger for myself and the beef Chipotle burger for my husband. We were blown away by how good it was. Its restraunt quality with quick friend ... read more
Sandra L. via - Jul 11, 2020
Hook burger was good, but I couldn't figure out why the one in Simi was so much better than Westlake. I didn't realize it became Fun Burger instead, but one day the quality of the food improved SO much, way better than Hook burger!
Brian Kadorian via - Jul 9, 2020
It looks tacky from the outside ...
It looks tacky from the outside, but the food is great and very modestly priced. Definitely worth a stop ... read more
Greg L. via - Jul 2, 2020
What a great staff and nice owner ...
What a great staff and nice owner of this restaurant me and my family got. Thanks guy for the delicious food, I have been coming here mostly not just their food but their great staff. I heard they are going to have a drive thru just because of Covid so we can order fast and easy for their customers 10 stars ... read more
Sahel D. via - Jun 23, 2020
We had FunBurger brought in to ...
We had FunBurger brought in to work for lunch today. It was facilitated through a delivery service. I ordered the Beef Fun Chipotle. I am not too sure it was fun, but it was very tasty. Flavors went together very well. I also was able to try the Chickfun BBQ. While it too was tasty, I would absolutely go back for the Beef Fun Chipolt ... read more
Tony C. via - Jun 18, 2020
Great service and food . I ordered ...
Great service and food . I ordered a Cobb salad with ranch dressing.  Also ordered Mushrooms and and order of cauliflower. Yum . I stumbled upon this place , by visiting Homegoods in Simi Valley.  I'll be back again . I highly recommend eating here .
Michael M. via - Jun 4, 2020
I'm enamored with their food and ...
I'm enamored with their food and their service. Every person there was super friendly. Eating in the restaurant was nice since they're attentive, plus they have video games! Since being put on nationwide stay-at-home orders due to covid19, we've ordered through one of the delivery services and had the same (if not better) level of se ... read more
Eilish S. via - Apr 1, 2020
I took a lunch at FuBurger with ...
I took a lunch at FuBurger with my friends on Sunday. It was really nice. Not to busy. Fast service and friendly counters. Prices are reasonable. Dishes pretty big kinda "American Style". But food has no actual taste. You feel just grilled meet, without specific taste.
Roman K. via - Mar 12, 2020
Finally got a chance to come. Little pricey but you get what you paid for. My burger was amazing. They have my favorite style of onion rings and nice array of burgers chicken sandwiches and vegetarian burgers and gluten free bread as well. Have a pool table you can play for free as well as a foosball table. Played a game of pool whil ... read more
Hungry Hungarian23 via - Mar 9, 2020
Love the selection and taste ... read more
DC Burton via - Mar 9, 2020
Worked at the chevron a few times and always come to this place to get some food and never disappoints. The service, and food is great overall also like that it's a pretty clean place.
Carlos Saravia via - Mar 9, 2020
Delicious burgers and chicken sandwiches. I had the chicken chipotle sandwich with cajun fun fries, both were really good. My daughter ordered the onion rings, which were very light and tasty.
Pedro Leon via - Mar 9, 2020
Great fun place name says it all ... read more
Joginder Bhathal via - Mar 9, 2020
Delicious food, good quality burgers, employees are friendly.
Cara Mounce via - Mar 9, 2020
Reznik StealthShadow via - Feb 9, 2020
Very good burger had the bbq it was tasty tasty. They need tips for pool cues ... read more
Louis Cordileone via - Feb 9, 2020
Good place for a party like a birthday party. Free video games, pool, and foosball. Much cheaper than Chuckie Cheese or other places where you could spend a fortune on games for kids. Quality and tasty food and nice variety including healthy, seafood and vegetarian options. Good salads too ... read more
J F via - Feb 9, 2020
Good food at good prices ... read more
Edna Alvarez via - Feb 9, 2020
What a great place! I had no idea ...
What a great place! I had no idea what a wonder little secret we have here in Simi! They are super kind. I have several dietary restrictions and they were extremely accommodating. So many yummy options. They have a foos ball table, pool table, and video games all free. Plus pac man and a few other games for the kids. Nice patio for w ... read more
Jennifer W. via - Feb 9, 2020
Good first impression. Friendly service. Number 2 was great.
Spencer T via - Feb 9, 2020
Great service and amazing food. I feel lucky for always finding great food. Try the Caramel milkshake!! Plus the front counter girl is hot🤓🤓🤓. Will be going back. Try the mushroom fries if you are into muShrooms!! They are delicious ... read more
PJ via - Jan 9, 2020
Working here from out of town. And this place was a great find. Good food and the service was on point.
Ramon Martinez via - Jan 9, 2020
The food was great ... read more
Javier Medina via - Jan 9, 2020
Driven past this place a hundred ...
Driven past this place a hundred times and stopped today with my niece. I wish i had stopped those 100 times before. BBQ burger was so fIlling and delicious and the beer battered onion rings will bring me back time and time again. Service was top notch and very very very clean!
Lorie G. via - Jan 7, 2020
mmmm yammmmmyyyyy , I am totally ...
mmmm yammmmmyyyyy , I am totally in love with this place the bbq burger is the number one burger in all of los angeles this is the third time I try this burger and I loved it ever time , my boyfriend
loves the spicy chicken grilled version , definitely recommend this place , super clean , super friendly and great prices , they al
... read more
Karen D. via - Jan 6, 2020
At first sight, FunBurger looks ...
At first sight, FunBurger looks like a somewhat generic burger joint, only a little more fun. The lighting and fonts used on the exterior tend to attract customers in a somewhat dreary shopping center.

Once you step in, though, you'll see that it couldn't be any further from generic. It seems like attention has been paid to ev
... read more
Ali K. via - Jan 3, 2020
Just tried Fun Burger for the first ...
Just tried Fun Burger for the first time on whim. We were pleasantly surprised, pretty tasty. I had a barbecue grilled chicken burger and my hubby had a fried shrimp sandwich, both were good. Menu has a nice variety and staff was friendly. It's privately owned, not a corporate chain. I would recommend giving it a try.
Julia H. via - Jan 3, 2020
I went to this place today for ...
I went to this place today for the 1st time and we totally enjoyed the burgers Chickfun Spicy and Califun Chicken, full of flavour and juicy and the taste is onnnn pointtttt. The price is very affordable for the quality you get. The ambience surely represents lot of fun for kids with games, slot machines and pool table which is so co ... read more
Satya J. via - Dec 30, 2019
Tasty chicken sandwich. Love that ...
Tasty chicken sandwich. Love that they added games for our kids to play.  Pool and foosball.i definitely recommend fun burger if you want good food and great service in Simi Valley.
L G. via - Dec 28, 2019
Great little fun place, I love ...
Great little fun place, I love the pool table and vegetarian options. We had a spicy chicken fun and chipotle chicken. Fried or grilled they were both great! I love that they sell beer here too so that you can really have a good time ;) ... read more
Daphne L. via - Dec 17, 2019
Very delicious and my family appreciated ...
Very delicious and my family appreciated the coupon and great pricing. Will go back again.
Linda K. via - Dec 11, 2019
Great food and free games! Love ...
Great food and free games! Love going here. We had a great time playing pool.
And the spicy chicken sandwich
was delicious. Also you have to try the avocado fries.
Cindy L. via - Dec 10, 2019
The Burger was actually great. The decor and branding needs some work. The inside feels a little like it's not sure what it is. The food was really enjoyable. I had the funburger and onion rings. Both were tasty!
Tony Bowick via - Dec 9, 2019
Fantastic menu, great people ... read more
Robert Kurashige via - Dec 9, 2019
Perfect And delicious ... read more
pedram car guy via - Dec 9, 2019
Best Burger shop in Simi valley, Very good price for such a delicious burger. I m sure that I will visit again.
Houman Golbabaei via - Dec 9, 2019
RAS via - Dec 9, 2019
I like it good burgers and options. Love the mushroom fries ... read more
philly Fail via - Dec 9, 2019
FunBurger is one of those places that deserves more customers. The food here is always amazing, the staff is beyond polite. The only downside is that the food can take a bit long to come out but the wait is always worth it. Try their milkshakes, you won't regret it.
Daniel Aguilar via - Dec 9, 2019
New place with many choices. Food high quality and service with a smile.
Stephen Pritikin via - Dec 9, 2019
Yes, it’s another burger joint. This one is good though. We had the mushroom burger and a side of fries. Tasty and filling. The service was good too. The staff was friendly and dare I 😃 ... read more
Ted Eckman via - Dec 9, 2019
I've been to the earlier Hook Burger that has now morphed into Fun Burger, and I'm pretty pleased with the new place. I think they were going through some bumpy times for the last month or two since the change over, but my experience today shows they're through that now. Food was tasty & well cooked, staff knew their basics and were ... read more
Chris O'Neill via - Dec 9, 2019
Delicious burger. Had the BarBQ Burger w/fries and drink included. Great prices. Fun atmosphere. Will be back.
Arlene Mason via - Dec 9, 2019
My new favorite place in Simi Valley , love the atmosphere and their food is great , I already tried the spicy chicken sandwich on sesame bun , as well as the beef fun chipotle ,, they were great , I highly recommend this joint ... read more
a a via - Dec 9, 2019
Food was great.
Bob Belanger via - Dec 9, 2019
Pretty good burger place. The patty is pretty generic but the rest of the burger is really good. High quality toppings and additions made fresh. Great pricing for what you get. They do have gluten free options which is a huge plus. They also have quite an array of unique burger choices such as friend shrimp. Will definitely go back t ... read more
Emmilee Ringelberg via - Dec 9, 2019
I had a great dinning experience here. The staff was so welcoming and helpful. They have healthier drink options too, soda with cane sugar and no coloring, and Honest tea. The Berger was very good and I was able to get my fries well done. They offer some interesting burger options that differ from other places. The seating is so comf ... read more
Jesse Spurgin via - Dec 9, 2019
My daughter and I had the Beef Fun BBQ burger and onion rings. It was delicious! In addition they have craft beer on tap and wine. I ordered the BBQ burger accidentally meaning to order the avocado bacon burger. I told them they made a mistake and they were immediately appolgetic and running to make me another burger. When I realized ... read more
Jennifer Ritchie via - Dec 9, 2019
Nice Service excellent place for the family and delicious hamburgers ... read more
kassandra carias via - Dec 9, 2019
Awesome! My burger looked just like the picture on the wall. And tast even better ... read more
Steve Goldsberry via - Dec 9, 2019
BBQ hamburger is the best!
Cheri Timar via - Dec 9, 2019
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