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Franchising & Licensing Opportunities

Owning a business and being your own boss can be rewarding but it also requires certain dedication and financial commitment which must be taken into consideration. Most franchise opportunities are very demanding and in many cases almost impossible to qualify for as most franchises prefer to offer new opportunities to their exciting partners first.
Funburger investment and qualifications requirements are much easier for qualified and energetic individuals with smaller financial resources. If you are ready to commit to an enjoyable less complicated fast-food environment with great potentials then we are ready to talk to you and make it happen with a license to use agreement that involves less investment and much fewer fees than most other fast-food burger shops. 

In order to qualify for owning your own Funburger restaurant you must:

• Live in the market you desire to open a restaurant
• Have access to liquid capital for development and operational costs
• Have the dedicated resources to operate the restaurants
• Have significant experience and success in running a restaurant or other food-related operations
• Must be able to commit full-time to operational oversight
• Our Licensing and set up Fee is a one time $35000 payment plus 2.5% of monthly sales
• Required investment to develop a site may vary due to each location but as a general rule, if you choose an existing restaurant location with hood and oil-water separation system in place then you can start a new location for between 180k to 215K for equipment, renovation and set up.
• In most cases, we may be able to arrange some financing for qualified partners.
• Recommend size for a new location is between 1100 to 1500 sqft.

 Please email the form below and we will contact you to arrange a conference call to discuss your interest.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a Funburger Licensee and look forward to discussing the opportunity with you soon.

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